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Manga Dead or Deadline is a captivating manga series that explores the creative process behind storytelling, while delving in supernatural aspects with its suspenseful storyline. It is written and illustrated by Kazutaka Shima, who has delivered an interesting and unique take on the world of manga.

The main protagonist of Manga Dead or Deadline is Koji Kashin, a talented mangaka who works for the popular publication called “Monsieur”. However, like many talented artists in any field, he struggles to come up with ideas under immense pressure and deadlines. Out of desperation to meet his publishers’ strict deadlines so that he can continue earning money as a mangaka; Koji makes a deal with the devil himself.

Koji strikes up an unlikely partnership to get inspiration from some unexpected sources – demons. The deal gives him seven years before his soul gets claimed by the demon when it’s down on Earth after those pre-decided seven years have reached to their peak point.

As we get deeper into this comic series you will find out how both characters build up increasingly stronger relations over time through conflicts & compromises while they chase distinctive goals.

The manga story follows Koji as he learns how to navigate through his new reality alongside his newfound assistant-from-hell partner named Ruriko Nanao (who was also previously working for Monsieur Publication) by making use of her powers: invoking stories & fantasies.
Together they team-up towards creating impressive stories thereby giving readers something that reflects how their collaborative work brings out new struggles & issues examined amid this fantasy-driven comic world!

However it isn’t all about their collaboration alone though not quite what most ordinary readers would expect.
For there are other threats lurking amidst them i.e loss of loved ones followed by agonizing guilt pushed upon after failing lives due others stubbornness. Moreover parts where jealousy & twists-of-luck do pave way for unexpected climax twist adding more layers .

Manga Dead or Deadline is a series that stands out in the manga world. It incorporates an intriguing plot, interesting characters, well-crafted storytelling and character development as it constantly throws surprises.

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